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What and why?

Collection Pools are just pools of money. The purpose is decided by the creator. The pools allow groups to raise funds together before sending them on wherever is decided. Maybe for a birthday present, a group trip or a charity fundraiser.

How does it work?

The pools are self fulfilling smart contracts immutable from deployment. A creator sets up a pool specifying a recipient and a goal. The pool is then deployed using from the creator page with a crypto wallet. Next, the pool can be shared and you can watch the contributions roll in. Once the goal is met, the funds are automatically transferred to the recipient.

Is my money safe?

No one can access your money, not the pool creator or us. And the pool's recipient or goal cannot be modified once deployed meaning your money will go to the recipient or return to your wallet.

Can I refund my contribution?

You can refund your contribution up until the pool reaches it's goal or deadline.

How can I set up a pool?

Check out our getting started guide. You just need a crypto wallet!

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