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Getting started

Set up your pool
Setting up your pool is as simple as filling out the details here and deploying the smart contract. Currently we are on the Polgygon network and support MetaMask so ensure you have a MetaMask wallet set up to facilitate the deployment transaction.
Share you pool
To share your pool you will need the address returned once your pool is deployed. You can share this address as is and allow contributers to send payments straight to the contract or you can share the Pool Viewer page of your pool which has payment integration with MetaMask.
Watch the contributions roll in
Contributers can send payments via the contract address directly or use the view page which integrates payment and refunds with MetaMask. Here you can also view the status and details of your pool. Ensure payments are sent in the correct currency as funds are not recoverable.
Final payment
Once your goal is met, whether that is the deadline or the a currency goal, the accumulated currency is send straight to the recipient. If you have chosen to refund contributers if a goal isn't met by a deadline, refunds will be issued straight to the respective payment wallet.

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Getting Started

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