Pool Hows

So how does it work?

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How does it work?

The pools are self fulfilling smart contracts immutable from deployment. A creator sets up a pool specifying a recipient and a goal. The pool is then deployed using from the creator page with a crypto wallet. Next, the pool can be shared and you can watch the contributions roll in. Once the goal is met, the funds are automatically transferred to the recipient.

Getting started

Our payment/money pools are smart contracts with parameters set for goals and the recipient to payout
Pool diagram
Create, Contribute, Payout
Our payment/money pools automatically payout to the recipient once the goal is met.
Pool diagram
Withdrawals or refunds
Change your mind and want to withdraw? No problem. Withdraw your contribution instantly if the pool is still active.
If the goal isn't met and the deadline is reached, all contributions are automatically refunded to the contributors' payment wallets.
Pool diagram

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